Haneda Edo FESTIVAL 2015



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Summer!!! HANEDA EDO FESTIVAL 2015. It’s Heiji Zenigata VS The Nezumi 3 Sisters! ~ Oedo is in a huge uproar over the Fake Money Incident! ~

Exactly one year ago, the time-space continuum was thrown into confusion for the residents of Edo due
to a time-slip from the Edo Period in the Haneda Edo Koji (Edo Alley).
This summer, for the purpose of deepening the friendship with contemporary people,
plans had been made for a Bon dance tournament by the evil local magistrate named Sukebe Haraguro.

Three thousand gold pieces were stolen from Sukebe Haraguro’s treasure house.
The culprits were the “Nezumi 3 Sisters” who are popular in Edo Koji (Edo Alley).

Three sisters act stole that money from the bad guy, and they shared it with the town citizens,
for which this robber generosity made they highly popular in the city.
While they were thus very popular, since they were robbers, the three sister were pursued by “Heiji Zenigata.”

But this time Heiji Zenigata has no time to waste on such matters!
The reason for this is that fake money began to flow out in the Edo Koji (Edo Alley).
Who made this fake money and how did it come to circulate in such great quantities as this?

In any case, will the fake money uproar incident of Edo Koji (Edo Alley) be solved?
And will the Haneda Edo Grand Bon Dance Festival safely end in success?
Dance! Dance! Summer Festival time! Bring this summer to a close with the Haneda Edo FESTIVAL!


You can enjoy all sorts of plans and events that are presented under the theme of Edo at the Haneda Edo FESTIVAL. Let’s have lots of fun in the time-slip back to the Edo Period at the Haneda Airport International Airline Passenger Terminal!

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Arrive at the site by train.

The Haneda Airport International Airline Passenger Terminal is directly connected to the Keikyu “Haneda Airport International Terminal Station (subway)” and the Tokyo Monorail Line “Haneda Airport International Terminal (3rd floor).”

For further details access (Haneda Airport Access Information) at the following official website