Haneda Edo FESTIVAL 2016



Updated event details and time table of the stage performances.
Launched " summer! Haneda Edo Festival 2016" website


You can enjoy all sorts of plans and events that are presented under the theme of Edo at the Haneda Edo FESTIVAL. Let’s have lots of fun in the time-slip back to the Edo Period at the Haneda Airport International Airline Passenger Terminal!

Official Youtube

Summer! Haneda Edo FESTIVAL 2016

Golden Week Haneda Edo Festival 2016 Movie

Summer! Haneda Edo FESTIVAL2016 Movie

Haneda Edo FESTIVAL2015 Movie


Arrive at the site by train.

The Haneda Airport International Airline Passenger Terminal is directly connected to the Keikyu “Haneda Airport International Terminal Station (subway)” and the Tokyo Monorail Line “Haneda Airport International Terminal (3rd floor).”

For further details access
(Haneda Airport Access Information) at the following official website