Haneda Edo FESTIVAL 2016


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Large investigation! Look for the golden Haraguro statue!

People from the Edo period have come to the present Haneda through a crack in time and space. They will open the "New Year! Luck Raffle draw stand Tomifuda-ya" after being persuaded by the evil magistrate, Haraguro Sukebei. New Year day is an auspicious day that New Year! Luck Raffle draw stand was established on, and the "golden Haraguro statue" that should be dedicated as a symbol of the store has been stolen by someone!

Zenigata Heiji, a famous detective from the Edo period, runs the investigation! Onna-Nezumi-kozou, who is popular in the town for her chivalrous Robin Hood like figure is suspected. Kin-san, the playboy, is suspected too. The town is always in such a large uproar! The search for the criminal has involved many travelers who have arrived in our town. Edogawa Hanejuro, popular female-impersonator of the Oedo troupe, that has an upcoming box office performance, seems to hold the key to the resolution of this investigation... but it is unknown so far.

What a lively Edo alley, Oiran (Geisha) Parade with troupe actors greeting in the way. The lion dancers are digging town people’s heads everywhere, praying for good health and fortune upon humans. There is also a New Year rice cake annual convention which is very popular among children, will also be served delicious warm Oshiruko (sweet red-bean soup with their rice cakes).

Meanwhile, Suke-san and Kaku–san who were looking for Sir Komon in summer, are still looking for him.
Komon-sama, where are you now?
Who is the real culprit of the Golden Haruguro statue theft?...
What?! No way! W-why... It can’t be him!

This New Year try your luck! With a bonus of a New Year adventure! It is fun again this year, with New Year lots, determined by the Haneda Edo Festival!


You can enjoy all sorts of plans and events that are presented under the theme of Edo at the Haneda Edo FESTIVAL. Let’s have lots of fun in the time-slip back to the Edo Period at the Haneda Airport International Airline Passenger Terminal!

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Arrive at the site by train.

The Haneda Airport International Airline Passenger Terminal is directly connected to the Keikyu “Haneda Airport International Terminal Station (subway)” and the Tokyo Monorail Line “Haneda Airport International Terminal (3rd floor).”

For further details access (Haneda Airport Access Information) at the following official website