Haneda Edo FESTIVAL 2016


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The Edo citizens, who have time-slipped to Haneda, are enjoying themselves,
parading through Edo Koji on Children’s Day.
While all this is going on, the Evil Magistrate, Sukebe Haraguro, plotting yet another evil plot,
suddenly announces he’s going to form the “Haraguro Ninja Force”,
and calls for anyone who wants to be a Ninja to step up and join him!

Many Edo citizens step up after hearing that anyone who becomes one of the
“Haraguro Ninja Force” will receive one hundred gold Ryo, but the tests are all quite peculiar.
Finally, five members are chosen, and a new team, the “Haraguro Ninja Force Five” is formed.

Suddenly, “Hattori Hanzo”, the most famous ninja of all, appears.
“Never make light of the ninja”, he shouts angrily, and the ninja battle to end all ninja battles ensues!
“Hattori Hanzo” vs. “Haraguro Ninja Force Five”

Just when the irresistibly powerful Hattori Hanzo goes to show everyone
the “Top Secret Ninja Scrolls”…!
“They’re gone! They’re GONE! They’ve been stolen!”
Everyone tries to subdue the rampaging Hanzo, and even Isami Kondo,
Toshizo Hijikata and Soji Okita, the three great swordsmen of the Shinsengumi,
hired by the Bakufu Government to keep watch over the town, come to help.

Soon after, the town of Edo starts to fill up with ninja wearing the “Hattori Spiral” mark, a red spiral
on their cheeks showing they are under the influence of Hanzo’s ninja spell,
and they are all there to look for the stolen scrolls that hold the secrets of the Ninja.
And, as usual, once the great ninja scrolls investigation starts, pandemonium in the town!

One after another, the citizens of Edo, under Hanzo’s spell,
come back with the ninja scrolls they find, but all the scrolls they bring back are fake!

And now, the strongest and most popular man in Haneda, “Toyama’s Kin-san”,
appears on scene to subdue the once again rampaging Hattori Hanzo.
A battle between two titans!
Finally, just when it seems that a battle between these two equal forces can never end,
a new figure enters the scene, but who can it be?

In any case, this Edo Festival is going to be lots and lots of unpredictable fun!
For this coming Golden Week, come and join our Edo Festival!


You can enjoy all sorts of plans and events that are presented under the theme of Edo at the Haneda Edo FESTIVAL. Let’s have lots of fun in the time-slip back to the Edo Period at the Haneda Airport International Airline Passenger Terminal!

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Arrive at the site by train.

The Haneda Airport International Airline Passenger Terminal is directly connected to the Keikyu “Haneda Airport International Terminal Station (subway)” and the Tokyo Monorail Line “Haneda Airport International Terminal (3rd floor).”

For further details access
(Haneda Airport Access Information) at the following official website