There are many events all day long at the Edo Butai stage located in the middle of Edo Market Place!
Edo Samurai & Geisha Musical and Edo Super Stage played by Edo citizens are one of the must-see shows!!

Edo street performers (buskers, acrobatics and a traditional band) are elusive! They appear at unexpected places!
Edo citizens might tell you their whereabouts if you ask!

In addition to the old-day Ennichi stalls, the Edo Ennichi Street Fair will also have Haneda Edo Festival original stalls especially themed for Mother’s Day, like “Hanasukui” (flower scooping) and a “Mother’s Day special Senbon turi (String lottery game)” with lots of prizes to make mums happy.

We offer 1 ticket for every ¥500 (tax included) spent in the international air terminal.
please bring your receipts to fair stall Reception Desk.
*The 4th floor restaurant ‘Setagaya” operates a meal-ticket system that does not give out receipts, so please remember to ask restaurant staff for an Ennichi entry ticket.

*Includes Edo costumes and all other Japanese traditional clothing like Kimono, Yukata and Jinbei.

The “Haneda Edo Festival” original Edo-style traditional crafts experience
where both children and adults can enjoy themselves!
Celebrate “Mother’s Day” festival by making a present for mum!

Find The Missing person (changes daily) in the Edo Market Place and get a Folding fan strap!
The missing person can be found only at the venue!Don’t miss the posters on the walls and poles!

[How to start the stamp rally]

Obtain the stamp rally sheet at Festival Plaza“Fair stall reception desk” on the 5th floor.
You can find and collect the stamps as you follow the clues!
Upon completion of the rally sheet you can exchange the sheet for a prize at Fair stall reception desk.

Fully morph into an evil magistrate from the Edo period dramas, and take some fun photos using our full range of face panels, kimonos and umbrellas, etc.

Thank you for all your entry. It is difficult to select ones because we got many many great pictures but here are the winners.

  • Jimmy Jinushi San, who fully embraced the role of evil magistrate at the picture corner! Striding along with Shingoro IKUSHIMA, a popular actor, and the girls of the town, your brazen attitude presented a true picture of an evil magistrate!!!

  • With a lovely smile, buchikana2210 San fully embraced the persona of an Edo citizen plotting to overthrow Ieyasu and achieve the unification of Japan. Lord Iyeyasu was so surprised, he couldn’t even draw his sword!!

  • The “mothers”, who were the key players in this event, and wispy “cirrus clouds” of wisteria across the grand roof, the symbol of the international terminal building. Thank you for a wonderful photo that gives a true feel of time slipping to the airport!