There are many events all day long at the Edo Butai stage located in the middle of Edo Market Place!
Edo Samurai & Geisha Musical and Edo Super Stage played by Edo citizens are one of the must-see shows!!

Edo street performers (buskers, acrobatics and a traditional band) are elusive!
They appear at unexpected places! Edo citizens might tell you their whereabouts if you ask!

The Edo Ennichi Street Fair, remodeled and reopened! As well as the traditional Ennichi street stalls, we’ve opened some fun new stalls featuring games traditionally played over the new year in Japan, such as the “Omikuji” fortune draw and the “Sugoroku” dice game!

We offer 1 ticket for every ¥500 (tax included) spent in the international air terminal.
please bring your receipts to fair stall Reception Desk.
*The 4th floor restaurant ‘Setagaya” operates a meal-ticket system that does not give out receipts, so please remember to ask restaurant staff for an Ennichi entry ticket.

*Includes Edo costumes and all other Japanese traditional clothing like Kimono, Yukata and Jinbei.

The “Haneda Edo Festival” original Edo-style traditional crafts experience
where both children and adults can enjoy themselves!
Try your hand at making items you can only make here and boost your festival spirit!

From among the many Edo citizens living in Edo Koji, find the “Fukuneko bearer” holding the “Fukuneko Fortune Kitty”, which legends say will “grant happiness to those who stroke its fur!”, and receive a “Beckoning dog strap”!
The “Fukuneko bearer” changes every day, so remember to look carefully!

Join the stamp rally and find the stamps for six motifs said to represent good fortune when seen in the first dream of the year!
Once you have collected all six, we will gift you an original tenugui towel bearing one of the good fortune motifs, “Mount Fuji”!

Take your photo together with scenes and objects that give a feel of the traditional Japanese New Year’s, like Shishimai lion dancing, rice cake pounding tools, kimonos and Japanese umbrellas!

Thank you for all your entry. It is difficult to select ones because we got many many great pictures but here are the winners.

  • A first time try at New Year’s Calligraphy at Haneda International Airport! Can these sound brush-strokes really be the work of a beginner! Together with your mum in yukata robes, your sweet smiles make everyone happy!

  • Wow! A lovely yukata robe made using Haneda Edo Festival original tenugui towels! And a super-cool pose together with Heiji ZENIGATA and Sasuke SARUTOBI! This is truly a time-slip!

  • Thank you for the photos of our many Edo friends, taken with a backdrop of “cirrus clouds” under the Grand Roof, the symbol of Haneda Airport’s international terminal building, and paper lanterns! Your lovely pictures really captured the ambience of the airport, thank you!