Introduction of performers

  • Ieyasu TOKUGAWA

    The first shogun of the Edo Bakufu Government. He brought the curtain down on the Sengoku period of warring states and left a period of peace lasting some 260 years; putting a lot of smiles on a lot of faces. And he came to Haneda for our joyous New Year’s celebrations. But this time… there’s something not quite right about Lord Ieyasu?

  • Saigo-no-Tubone

    Ieyasu TOKUGAWA’s concubine and mother of Hidetada TOKUGAWA. Is she extremely short-sighted?! And there’s a rumour that Ieyasu’s wife, Tsukiyama-dono, is targeting her…

  • Ogou

    The second wife of Hidetada TOKUGAWA, and mother of Iemitsu TOKUGAWA. The third daughter of Nagamasu AZAI. A formidable mum with many children; two sons and five daughters.

  • Kasuga-no-Tubone

    Daughter of Toshimitsu SAITO, who was chief retainer of Mitsuhide AKECHI, and nursing mother to Iemitsu TOKUGAWA. She goes on to establish the Inner Palace and become the most powerful woman in Edo.

  • Tadanobu HONDA

    A renowned chieftain who supported Ieyasu’s rise to supremacy. He developed innovative strategies and came to be known as Japan’s top strategist.The most trusted of Ieyasu’s retainers, the two grew up together.

  • Tadanobu TOKUGAWA

    The second Shogun. The third son of Ieyasu TOKUGAWA. A studious man who gained strength with every battle.But… he was a little unreliable, and this was the flaw in the crystal. He is no match for his wife, Ogou.

  • Tadakatsu HONDA

    The mightiest general of Tokugawa army. He never received a single wound in battle.A man given to action rather than thought.He was not a blood relative of Masanobu, and with the two being completely opposite in nature, they never saw eye-to-eye.

  • Sasuke SARUTOBI

    A ninja and former retainer of Yukimura SANADA. He attacked the Edo Festival in the New Year, but was moved by the words of Ieyasu, and became his retainer.Saizo KIRIGAKURE, another of the ten who served under Yukimura SANADA and a friendly rival of Sasuke, is also said to be in Haneda.

  • Masamune DATE

    The first head of the Sendai clan. Having lost one eye, he came to be known as the One-Eyed Dragon.As the most learned in Japan in both the literary and military arts, he is visiting from Sendai in his office as instructor, in the finer arts of swordsmanship, to the Shogun-in-waiting, Hidetada TOKUGAWA.

  • Nankobo TENKAI

    Advisor to Tokugawa family and a close aide to Ieyasu. He was deeply involved in the development of the imperial and religious policies of the Bakufu government.A remarkable monk, said to have been experienced in many things, who would let nothing dismay him. Was he Mitsuhide AKECHI before he adopted this name?!

  • Basyo MATSUO

    The famous haiku poet who wrote the travelogue “The Narrow Road to the Interior”.But this man, in reality, was the chief of Ieyasu TOKUGAWA’s ninja forces, Hanzo HATTORI?!

  • Kasamori Osen

    The poster girl of the teashop, who later becomes known as Japan’s first celebrity idol.The rice cakes flew off the shelves because so many people wanted to meet her. The secret of her popularity was her straightforward natural personality.

  • Moronobu HISHIKAWA

    Renowned as the creator of the famous Ukiyoe picture “Mikaeri Bijin” (Beauty Glancing Back) and said to be the “Father of Ukiyoe”. He likes to draw women. His brush strokes are smooth, but so is his tongue.

  • Jirosaburomotonobu

    The Ieyasu TOKUGAWA imposter. He was hired by a certain warlord to impersonate Ieyasu. He looks the same, but…

  • Meicho TSURUKAME

    A man with strange abilities who has lived in Edo for a very long time. Where he will show, no-one knows!